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Customer notification on the COVID 19 virus


Having in mind the current situation regarding the corona virus, please be notified that: 

• Raiffeisen Group monitors the situation and acts accordingly, taking into account both the health of its customers and employees, as well as its business continuity. Accordingly, we have taken preventative measures within the Group in order to reduce the health risk for all Raiffeisen employees (information on general hygiene rules, avoidance of business trips, behaviour in case of illness, holding video meetings, etc.).

• In case of need, Raiffeisen Group ensured the processes required to operate independently of the location in terms of necessary infrastructure, availability of employees and timely communication to all stakeholder. 

• The citizens are encouraged to use digital services such as Internet and mobile banking in order to minimise moving and gathering. Another recommendation is to use payment cards more often and thus minimise contact with banknotes as a potential source of infection.  

• Raiffeisen Group has an action plan for this kind of situation, our liquidity is not affected and our business is running smoothly.

• At the moment, it is difficult to precisely anticipate global and local effects; however, the plans which Raiffeisen Group has applied up to now have proven successful.  


Please find instructions regarding the recommended measures for visiting our Bank's branches at link.