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Program EMTN (Euro Medium Note program)


“In line with further alignment with the EU banking sector regulation, the Federal Banking Agency (FBA) introduced a new banking sector bylaw on MREL requirements (Minimum Requirements for Own Fund and Eligible Liabilities), to further strengthen capitalization of the banking sector in B&H.

Raiffeisen BANK d.d. Bosnia and Herzegovina, as one of the leaders in the market,  has decided in line with the best EU banking practices and the practices of RBI group and other network banks in the Group, to establish the EMTN Program (Euro Medium Term Note Program) in amount of EUR 300 mn. Through this Bond Program the Bank will be able to issue Senior Bonds and Senior MREL eligible bonds to fulfill upcoming MREL requirements by the FBA. The Bank has planned to issue the first MREL Eligible Senior Bond which will be also the first ESG Bond in B&H market.

This means that the Bank plans to place all funds collected through the MREL Bond issue into the Sustainable and Green projects in the B&H market and to further enhance its role of being the market leader in supporting the Sustainable Growth and ESG practices and standards as a responsible banker.

The issue will be done in line with the best market practices and will be listed in the most liquid market for MREL bonds of the EU banks on the Luxemburg Stock Exchange. In support of this issuance, the Bank has also initiated and will be assigned with the first ever public credit rating in the B&H banking sector by the internationally recognized Moody’s credit rating agency”.